Kerbs are intended to separate surfaces, providing physical or visual delineation and containment of the pavement construction.

Whatever your requirement, Ecoscape can provide the solution – from our rich granite Conservation Kerb units to British Standard Road Kerbs, Channels and Edging. In addition, more specialist types are available in the form of our high containment kerb – the Titan and Bus Stop Kerb.

Our experienced team of design and pavement engineers can assist you in selecting the most appropriate kerb stones for your scheme.
Kerb Stone
Different Sizes
Kerb Stone
Applied on a Pathway
Kerb Stone
Applied near Road


Ecoscape Kerbs are suitable for areas requiring a stronger edge restraint for paved areas these could include, edgings for the following:

Car Parks
Industrial pavements or
Other areas subjected to regular or heavy vehicular traffic


Technical Details

  • Paver Blocks are manufactured as per IS 15658: 2006
  • Concrete Tiles are manufactured as per IS 1237: 2013
  • Chequered Tiles are manufactured as per IS 13801: 2014

Our Quality Process

  • Strict inspection and checking are performed on all engineering processes.
  • Material guarantees are strictly scrutinized.
  • System works with full dedication to provide product with excellent quality.
  • On-time delivery and after sales services to the full satisfaction of our clients.